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Founded by Kurt Kreis in 1957, our fiduciary has been active in Geneva for 50 years. It operates in all the major sectors of the economy. As a result of the development of its business and with the wish to expand further it was logical in 1981 to convert the operation into a limited company (S. A.).

With its many areas of expertise the Fiduciaire de Rive S. A. presently employs a staff of some 15 highly qualified and experienced people which allows us to have a relationship with our clients and partners based on confidence, efficiency and discretion.

The Fiduciaire de Rive S.A. is a member of the Swiss Institute of Certified Accountants and Tax Advisors (Chambre Fiduciaire Suisse) and Swiss Fiduciary Association (Fiduciaire|Suisse). It is recognized as an audit expert by the Federal Audit Oversight Authority (FAOA).

Being close to our clients, bringing solutions with significant added value, keeping our knowledge at the leading edge and conducting our assignments with professionalism and tenacity are all daily concerns for us.

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